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 Updated 4-30-10

Set-Up                  $25.00/ Fix out of tune or won’t tune

New Nut              $35.00


                                Install Pickup ( Below):


Bridge Only-      $30.00

Both                    $40.00

3 ( Strat)             $60.00

Coil Splitter         $50

Adjust Neck       $25.00

New Tuners       $30 +parts

New Frets           $15.00 ea +parts

Partial Refret      $65.00/ Replace 5 +parts

Fret Dress           $65.00

Level & Dress Frets  $75.00

Refret -Unbound fretboard  $125

LP refret W/frets over nibs  $175

LP refret W/saved nibs $275


Fix ovation $95.00/Adjust neck Glue loose parts/Splint -Glue top cracks


New Bridge (Electric)      $25.00+/Parts

New Bridge (Acoustic)   $55/up +Parts

New Jack            $19.00

New volume     $19.00/ tone pot

New Switch       $25 +Parts

“Scratch fix”noise  $25.00/ clean, switch pots, lube jack

Headstock Break, Neck/Heel Breakc, Bowed Neck- “CALL OFFICE”


 Replace Cord-        $20.00+ 

Clean Pots & Tune up  $35.00

New Input jack           $30 +parts

Replace Speaker         $27.00+parts

Recone Speaker          $75.00 + parts

Replace Grille Cloth   $45+parts           

                        Re-Furbish or Restore – CALL OFFICE

                        Amp Recover- CALL OFFICE


Check and/or replace tubes: $25.00+ parts

Re-Cap                                  $40.00+parts

New   hardware                $20.00/ Corners, Handles, Knobs+parts

Bench Rate:                        $50/hr. 


                                    New Pots

Tube Types             $35.00

Solid State               $45.00

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